Joe Gridl, Bachelor Of Arts (*1985)

Austrian bassplayer, bass/guitar teacher, producer, multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, double bass, synthesizer, …), sound engineer…

1990-2005 public music school of Murau (drums, saxophone)

2000-2004 BORG Murau, electric guitar

2005-2010 University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Bachelor of Arts; electric bass & double bass)

2006 started teaching private (electric bass, electric guitar, drums)

2009-2015 teaching at a private music school in Vienna

2014 started teaching at Regionalmusikschule Stockerau

2015-2016 teaching guitar classes at BAKIP 8 Vienna

2016 started studying electric bass with Wolfgang Wograndl at Haydn Kons Eisenstadt

2017 started studying classical double bass with Bernhard Ziegler at Haydn Konservatorium Eisenstadt

2018 jazz diploma 1 at Haydn Kons Eisenstadt

I worked with/for: Andi Wilding Groovetet, Willi Resetarits, Martin Reiter, Klaus Dickbauer, Wolfi Rainer, Martin Fuss, Richard Zielinski, JHK Orchester, Andreas Gabalier, Jocelyn B. Smith, Pete Lynch, Andi Wilding, Mike Seidl, Philipp Eder, Peter Nadasdi, Tony Pusztai, Miguel Delaquin, Michael Prowaznik, Georg Vogel, Clemens Adlassnigg, Gerald Gradwohl and many more…

My teachers: Juan Garcia-Herreros aka. Snow Owl, Wolfgang Wograndl, Bernhard Ziegler, Albert Kreuzer, Willi Langer, Raphael Preuschl…

I do video and photo productions for Brigitte Bordeaux, Wiener Prater,… In my record studio I produced two TV commercial songs and many other recordings (Bands, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker,…).

I proudly endorse:

Curt Mangan Strings
TC Electronic Effects
Neubauer Guitars